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E-liquid is a fluid placed inside an e-cigarette or vape to give vapors a flavor and nicotine. El-liquids or vape juice are two different names for the same stuff. They come in a variety of flavors allowing users to choose one that better meets their preferences. 

 For folks who like to have nicotine’s effects during their vaping sessions can choose fluid that comes with varying levels of nicotine. Some e-liquids contain zero nicotine. It all depends upon your personal preference, whether you want to take nicotine or not.  

What is e-liquid made of? 

The essential ingredients that make up the product include vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). To make the product palatable for users who are not comfortable with the original taste, some additional ingredients such as water, food flavoring, and some forms of nicotine are also added. 

You can dip your taste buds with a few of the most popular flavors such as ice cream flavor, brownies, jolly rancher, and mint. Around 10% of the e-liquid is made of flavorings as well as nicotine and other food-grade products.  

Rest 90% of the product consists of PG or VG fluid, which helps food and flavoring ingredients evaporate for safe consumption. 

Important factors to consider while choosing an e-liquid 

Choosing the right e-liquid that suits your consumption needs comes down to your vaping vape juice’s personal preferences. The selection of e-liquid is often ushered by flavor, quitting smoking (nicotine substitute), or vapor cloud. 

Flavor: If the taste is an important consideration that drives your purchase decision, you may want to experiment with different flavors before settling down on your favorite one. Your flavor appreciation might lead you to PG blends, which are often most flavorful.  

Combinations that come with nicotine content can enhance the flavor by offering a more definite throat hit. There is no best flavor out there, all we suggest is, try out different palatable flavors so that you can find one you love to vape with.  

Quitting cigarette: If you are on a mission to quit cigarettes, giving a try to a vape juice blend with high nicotine content may most suit your consumption requirements.  

Starting with a high level of nicotine and then working to reduce your nicotine intake can help to address your cravings while eventually letting you go nicotine-free. 

E liquids provide you an effective way to quit smoking and finally get rid of nicotine altogether.  

Getting vapor clouds: Vaping enthusiasts who looking for larger vaping clouds can opt for a VG blend vape juice. Invariably, e-liquid with VG blend produces the largest vaping clouds that can grow even bigger when a sweet flavor is added to it.  

To get really dense vapor clouds, try experimenting with different VG blends and a high heat atomizer.  

What PG/VG ratio is best? 

PG has a thinner consistency with a little impact on flavor. On the other hand, VG is sweeter and can produce massive clouds of vapors. Before attempting to figure out an ideal ratio, it is important to consider that a few people can be sensitive to the PG. 

VG does not make an appropriate choice for vaping enthusiasts with an older style vaporizer or small miniature vaporizer since the atomizer may be unable to heat the liquid.  

The ultimate choice that dictates PG and VG’s ideal ratio largely depends upon your personal preferences and vaping goals.