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510 thread for vape

510 thread is a class of wire-wound mesh screen used for electro-mechanical devices such as switched mode power supplies, high – voltage transformers, and capacitors. 510 thread matters for e-cigarettes, atomizers and tanks.

E-cigarettes are generally designed with the 510 thread in mind. It can also be found in other applications like atomizers and tanks where it is used to filter juice or clean a tank. This type of mesh screen differs from the typical eGo style filter by not utilizing a rubber gasket to hold it in place.

Instead, these screens rely on tensioning screws that help make sure that juice remains tightly filtered through the screen’s holes and into the center glass tube which is usually contained within an atomizer or tank of some type.

When shopping for an atomizer, always do your research to try and find what type of threading it has before buying. And remember that although this is the most common 510 thread type used when vaping, it is by no means the only one. There are many other variations of threading that have become popular as well. So be sure to educate yourself before making a purchase to avoid any confusion or problems during assembly or use.


Why is 510 Thread Important in vaporizers?

On the following video, Airvape introduces it’s pen vaporizer OM and shows how to connect a 510 thread cartridge on it! Watch and learn!

510 thread is important because it is where e-liquid and vape devices connect. This thread will have conduction of the electricity and it will heat up the coil that is in the atomizer. This heating causes vaporization to occur within the coil.

In low resistance atomizers, you need a connector at least 0.5 ohms to get enough power for your e-liquid to vaporize and to create vapor. When you want to use higher resistance atomizers, you need at least 0.3 ohms or lower for a power supply of 0.7 or more watts.

After connecting your atomizer to the power supply and the atomizer to the battery, you then plug in your mod. This is when your vape is taking place.

There are many different types of atomizers that you can use with e-cigs, but they all need a thread like this. Your tank should release some amount of juice into your center glass a little bit below the coils when vaping. If you do not have enough juice or it is not reaching all of your coils, then you might have an issue with leakages. Sometimes this happens because one or more of your connections are loose or not tight enough.

You might want to check out this review of a First Generation V2 Pro Tank that was released a few years ago. It now has its own threading system at the bottom of the base of the actual tank. It uses a 510 thread with a T-C connector with an eGo thread on top. This new type of tank is one that has received some praise from customers when compared to its predecessor due to its increased airflow and improved vapor production.


510 Thread Benefits

510 thread allows vaping to take place between the atomizer and your mod. It is the result of a consistent contact point between the device and the atomizer.

It is important because all you need is for your atomizer to be firmly paired at a contact point with your mod, and you will get liquid vaporization. This will allow e-liquid to reach all of the coils inside an atomizer with less resistance. This means that more power can be applied to each coil during vaping, producing larger amounts of vapor. In turn, this means you will have more flavor in your vaped liquid.

The 510 thread also allows for convenient use of vape mods and tanks with different types of attachment methods. This means that you do not need to buy separate components for each device.


510 Thread Drawbacks

One downside of the 510 thread is that it is not adjustable. This means that it is not good for devices with less power, such as low-powered e-cigs or vaping devices with limited battery specifications, like sub ohm tanks. It also does not allow for a wide variety of leakages in the e-liquid and vape, due to its lower capacity and consistency in liquid containment and vaporization.

Another thing to beware of when using this type of threading is leakage when removing your tank from your mod’s battery connection. This is due to the connection’s protrusion into the mouth of your mod’s battery bay. You will want to be careful with this and never pull aggressively on your tank when doing so, as this could cause damage to your device.


510 Thread Best Practices

510 thread
510 thread

First, make sure that you have 510 threading before purchasing a vape pen or coil that is meant for this type of threading. It can be hard to tell what kind of threading you have with some devices, so make sure you are familiar with it before hoping in and getting disappointed when it does not fit.

Next, you will want to make sure that all of your connections are safe. Any loose connections can easily cause leakage, and there is no room for this when vaping.


While you may want to use 510 threading for the sake of convenience, it is often better to stick with devices that run off a different type of connector due to its lower resistance. In some cases, 510 threading may not be the best option for e-liquid or vape production when compared to its counterparts.