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You and some friends decide to go camping. You are all very excited and can’t wait to sit around the fire, tell each other stories, and toast some marshmallows over the campfire. This all sounds very exciting, but you are forgetting about one small detail. Yes, I’m referring to the mosquitos…

Don’t you just hate when you are trying to sleep at night and Miss Mossie wants to come buzz in your ears? Yes, I’m saying Miss, because it is only the female mosquitos that bite. After all, they need the blood to produce their eggs.

You decide to get up, switch on the light and Miss Mossie is nowhere to be found, you sigh and climb back in bed only to hear the buzzing starting again. We all know this feeling and turning up for work tired and using the excuse of “the mosquito kept me awake” is not going to cut it. But what if you are sitting around the campfire with your friends, you surely don’t want to get eaten alive by the mosquitos.

This brings us to the question, can vaping keep mosquitos away?

vaping keeps moskitos away
vaping keeps moskitos away

First, we will have to look at what attracts a mosquito, and what they use to locate us. Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide. But they also use their vision and receptors to pick up things like our skin odor and body heat to find their next victim or should I rather say, host?

By vaping, you are exhaling a lot of carbon dioxide as well as warm moisture that the mosquito will be attracted to. But then again nicotine acts as a natural bug repellent. We know the best nicotine vape pen but we do not know how long the nicotine stays in the moisture of the vapor before it dissipates, and the mosquitos arrive.


Still, more research needs to be done on whether vaping keeps mosquitos away or attracts them. But here are some suggestions to keep them away in the meantime:

1.     Make sure there is no standing water

Make sure there is no standing water anywhere for example on toys left outside, ponds, or if your garbage bin is left open.

2.      Cover your feet

Yes, this may sound silly, but mosquitos love sweat and bacteria, and your feet will be their happy place to suck on.

3.     Wear light-colored clothes

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.

light-colored clothes keep moskitos away
light-colored clothes keep moskitos away

4.      Try to eat inside

Eating inside will not attract the mosquitos as much as outside but if you are having something outside you can always use the next tip to get rid of the mosquitos.

5.     You can sit out candles

You can sit out long-lasting candles and that contain geraniol. This will be effective in repelling the mosquitos.

6.     Eating garlic

The odor of your breath as well as the sulfur compounds that will emit through your skin is also known to be a mosquito repellent.


We know that nicotine is a bug repellent but whether the nicotine in the vapor will be enough to keep the mosquitos away we still need to find out. Let us know your experiences with mosquitos and vaping and what you do to keep the mosquitos away.